Green Farm App Reviews

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Its soooooo good!

Its so much fun to play with my family and its adorable! I hope app store can have more games like this because this is like the best game ever!!! load it, and u will LOVE it! *(^o^)/*

This game has potential

BUT: tap to place plot, tap to plow tap to plant tap to fertilize tap to collect, tap to plow tap to plant……….. u get my point…. and on macbook pro this game is ok not too bad it could be a little bit less tapping but on iphone 4 its just not fun: due to placing plots: it is tap to select plow tool. BUT then the issue arrises where u glide your finger on the screen to pan? u end up placing a plot, and since theres no edit tool? u cannot move it, and hence u gotta waste that 10 coins by deleting that plot and its just pointless. you can not get anything done. IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS WISHING TO PLAY THIS GAME AND GAIN A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE I RECOMMEND U PLAY THIS ON THE MACBOOK

Bad experience

One day I logged on and went right back to the start!!!!!!! I did not do anything wrong the time before! "Choose your gender" it said at the top of the screen. I had done ALL that work for nothing! Soooooo annoying!!


how do you buy more "cash"?

green farm

I think its awesome accept one thing is that I have downloaded and have played but now it rather doesnt work and close apps unexpectedly I dont know why. if you have any recommandation to fix, it would be great.

Frequent Updates? As if.

"The Fun Never Ends Thanks to Frequent Updates" is false advertising. Almost a year now, and no updates. Not one. Take a pass on this, because the game makers have given up on it.

Good, but all manual

Its a fun game, but would be a LOT better if you didnt manually have to click each coin to collect it. And if you dont click it fast enough, it will go away and you lose it. Other than that, its a good game.

Good except..

Its good except it wont let me buy extra cash or coins


It’s not loading up all the way. After the Company logo, it just turns black. :/ Love the game but it’s not opening up anymore.

Its Not Bad

This game is challenging fun, and addictive, i would give it a 10, but all of the good stuff requires green cash which u get one of per level up which is ANNOYING, not challenging. Overall, gud game, and on top of it, its free :)


I dont understand.. I downloaded this app, but it doesnt open!!!


i love this game it is the best


Very fun, addictive- not really free- wait for the app bill.

Nice but a bit dull

Its not bad as a game but the graphics is a little dull. And it can get addictive, I spent hours running around pretending to be farmer…haha. Very similar to farmville or harvest moon.


I LOVE this game. I want to check on it all the time, I find myself planting crops so I can check on them first thing in the morning. Its free, how can you go wrong!?


this game stops on its own i cant do anything

Wont even open

Downloaded and it wont even open. How disappointing.

Stopped working

We enjoyed this game very much for the week it worked. Now it automatically closes as its loading. This is very frustrating.

Lifetime Farmer

I have been playing this game for about two weeks now and am completely addicted. While there is an ability to make in app purchases, there is no need to in order to enjoy yourself. When you reach level ten, you are able to choose a specialty. I have chosen "artisan" and I have to say, the game became even more fun after that. The other great thing about this game is that you can adjust it to your lifestyle. If you can only get on the game once every other day, plant crops and buy plants that grow in two days. Lastly, the whole family is having fun with this.


Not really free, however it is fun, and the app bill isnt to bad. I just tell it not to connect. until i want it to. LOL just like Facebook farmville.

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